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Stipa capensis (Mediterranean steppegrass or twisted-awned speargrass)

Stipa capensis
Stipa capensis
Photo courtesy Joseph DiTomaso

Stipa capensis (Mediterranean steppegrass or twisted-awned speargrass) is an annual grass (family Poaceae) found in the Coachella Valley of the Sonoran Desert. It has the potential to become widespread, and is already spreading rapidly in the Palm Springs area. If Mediterranean steppegrass does become more widespread, it has the potential to be a very serious fire hazard in California desert ecosystems. The sharp florets of the plant can injure animals, and may attach to their fur as a dispersal mechanism. This invasive grass may also decrease native wildflower abundance.

Cal-IPC Inventory rating: Moderate - Alert

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  • Tu, M. and J. M. Randall (2003). 2003 Cal-IPC red alert! New invasions, recent expansions, and a few others to be on the look-out For. California Invasive Plant Council Symposium 2003. Kings Beach, CA.

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