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Alhagi maurorum (=A. pseudalhagi) (camelthorn)

Alhagi maurorum
Alhagi maurorum (=A. pseudalhagi)
Photo courtesy Joe DiTomaso

Alhagi maurorum (=A. pseudalhagi)(camelthorn) is an herbaceous perennial or shrub (family Fabaceae) found in the central valley, southeastern Sierra Nevada and portions of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts of California. It favors arid agricultural areas, grasslands, meadows and desert riparian areas. One camelthorn plant can spread rapidly (about 10 m per year in all directions) by developing many new plants from its large creeping root system. Plants may resprout from roots left behind after mechanical removal, and the roots are stimulated to resprout by fire. Camelthorn seeds are also known to disperse over long distances.

Cal-IPC Inventory rating: Limited

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  • None for this species.

Cal-IPC Symposium Proceedings

  • O'Connell, R. A. (1997). Hydrilla: A case study: The state of California's noxious weed eradication programs. California Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium '97. Concord, CA.

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