Abstract Submission Form

Make sure that you have read and understood all instructions before filling out the form below. Call for Abstracts deadline is June 1.

Presentations at the Cal-IPC Symposium are selected to provide a useful and diverse educational forum. Please follow the guidelines below when submitting your abstract and planning your presentation:

  • Presenter Instructions 
  • Draft abstract as a word document following format below (Example of Abstract Here)
  • Limit body of text to less than 300 words
  • Use bold text for title (only capitalize first letter and proper nouns)
  • Use asterisk to identify presenter if there are multiple authors
  • Include names and affiliations of all co-authors and email address of presenter
  • Name file using following convention: “Lastname_abstract.doc”
  • Deadline is June 1

Presentations and posters should:

  • Connect how your management experience or research results may be used by attendees
  • Clearly define goals and rationale
  • Describe specifics about treatment (for instance, application rate of an herbicide)
  • Not promote commercial products or services (promotional materials can be distributed by a sponsor at their exhibit)

Note that:

Thank you for helping to strengthen the California stewardship community!

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