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Welcome to Cal-IPC's Annual Photo Contest

2016 photo contest
Contest winners in 2016: 1. Michael Diehl, Yosemite NP Vegetation and Ecological Restoration;
2. Emily Ferrell, Salmon River Restoration Council; 3. Barbara Kossy, San Mateo WMA

It's not JUST a photo contest...your pictures help us spread our message.

Photo Contest

Cal-IPC's outreach and education efforts rely heavily on photos to show the devastating impacts weeds have on our natural communities. Without the great pictures our members share with us, our message would be much harder to convey.

Anyone can enter! Your photos may be used in future Cal-IPC outreach materials such as our website, brochures, or reports (with photographer credit, of course).

Entries will be displayed at the upcoming Cal-IPC Symposium in October and symposium attendees will vote for their favorite photo.

We also have online voting for best photo. Just toggle to the Vote part of the contest below. Alternatively, you can go through Cal-IPC's Facebook page. So even if you can't make it to the Symposium, you can check out all the great pics and vote for your favorite!

Contest Entry

Contest opens July 15th and closes September 15. To join the fun, you can upload your pictures to the contest site below when the contest is open. It's super easy to do and you do not need a Facebook account. Alternatively, you can visit Cal-IPC's Facebook page and click on the Cal-IPC Photo Contest tab at the top of the page.

For those who speak 21st century fluently, it's also possible to enter this contest using "#CalIPCPhotoContest" from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Try it-- and good luck!

Submit your photos here

Don't do online contests? Email your photos to David Chang - Please be sure to include title, category, species or what's going on, location and photographer's name for every submittal and we'll upload them for you.

Contest guidelines

Photos should be in JPEG or TIFF format and at least 300 dpi. Larger file sizes means prettier pictures!

Submissions are limited to 6 per photographer.

Photos will be judged twice. Once by the online community and once again by popular vote at the November 2016 Symposium in the Sierras. To avoid voter bias at the Symposium, please do not include watermarks on your photo submissions.

Not taking any pictures, just want to vote?

Come to the Symposium and vote for your favorite!

Can't make it? We'll award a prize for the photo with the most online votes, too! Between Sept 1rst and Sept 15th, click the Vote tab above or go to our Facebook page and choose Vote on the Cal-IPC Photo Contest tab. One vote is allowed per IP Address. Online voting will close Sept 15th. GET OUT TO VOTE already!

This is our third year using an online contest. If you have any trouble entering, uploading, voting, or other - don't hesitate to contact Cal-IPC.