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Support AB 2470

Board at Capitol

Cal-IPC Board at the Capitol advocating for AB 2470!

Cal-IPC is co-sponsoring Assembly Bill 2470 in the California Legislature, which is authored by Assembly Member Tim Grayson (District 14 – Concord). The bill formalizes the state’s interagency Invasive Species Council, and provides funding for the state’s network of Weed Management Areas (WMAs). WMAs bring together land management stakeholders at the local level, including public agencies, private landowners, and interested groups, to set priorities for strategic projects to control invasive plants. Past funding has leverage extensive in-kind contributions and other grant dollars.

If you agree that state funding for WMAs is a vital investment in the long-term protection of California’s water resources, fire safety, climate resiliency, agriculture and environment, please send a support letter!

Sample support letter with instructions

Current deadline for support letters is April 5 at 5:00 pm for the bill’s first hearing on April 11 in the Assembly Agriculture Committee (postponed from March 21).