Arundo Mapping

In 2010, Cal-IPC completed mapping Arundo donax (giant reed) in California coastal watersheds from Monterey to San Diego.
The Mapping was based on high-resolution aerial imagery, GIS digitizing, and field work. Click below for detailed maps of each section of the coast.
These formed the foundation for a report on the impacts of Arundo on each watershed, including impacts on water use and quality, fire, fluvial geomorphology, and listed species.
The full impacts report is found under Research.
Below are several mapping products from the project: a geodatabase with all GIS data; the report appendix with all maps; and a set of regional maps that
include pampas grass and Mexican fan palm in addition to Arundo.

Download GIS geodatabase (zip 58 MB).

Visit our new CalWeedMapper site for interactive maps and to download reports by region or species!

arundo report cover

Appendix A, Mapbook of Arundo distribution (pdf 22 MB)

arundo overview
Map of the entire study region. (pdf 13 MB)
arundo north
Detailed map of the northern section mapped. (pdf 9 MB)
arundo central
Detailed map of the central section mapped. (pdf 9 MB)
arundo south
Detailed map of the southern section mapped. (pdf 11 MB)