Plants in horticulture

Interested in finding out which horticultural plants may cause problems in California’s natural areas? The table below shows all plants from the Cal-IPC Inventory that are known to occur in horticulture. Plants with an asterisk (*) after the scientific name are “Watch” plants, which are not currently invasive in California but which have been assessed as a high risk of becoming invasive in California in the future.

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Latin nameCommon namesRatingAlertProfile
Acacia baileyana * cootamundra wattle Watch
Acacia dealbata silver wattle Moderate
Acacia melanoxylon blackwood acacia Limited
Acaena novae-zelandiae * biddy-biddy Watch
Agrostis stolonifera creeping bent; carpet bent; redtop bent; seaside bentgrass Limited
Ailanthus altissima tree-of-heaven; Chinese sumac; paradise-tree; copal-tree Moderate
Alopecurus pratensis * meadow foxtail Watch
Araujia sericifera * bladderflower Watch
Arctotheca calendula (fertile forms) fertile capeweed ModerateX
Arctotheca prostrata capeweed; South African capeweed; cape dandelion; cape gold Moderate
Arundo donax giant reed High
Asparagus asparagoides bridal creeper; African asparagus fern; ornamental asparagus; smilax asparagus ModerateX
Asphodelus fistulosus onion weed; asphodel; hollow stemmed asphodel; wild onion ModerateX
Atriplex semibaccata Australian saltbush; berry saltbush; creeping saltbush; scrambing berry saltbush Moderate
Berberis darwinii * Darwin barberry Watch
Briza maxima big quakinggrass; rattlesnake grass; large quakinggrass, Limited
Buddleja davidii * butterfly bush Watch
Carex pendula * hanging sedge Watch
Carpobrotus chilensis sea fig; iceplant Moderate
Carpobrotus edulis highway iceplant High
Casuarina equisetifolia * beach sheoak Watch
Catharanthus roseus * Madagascar periwinkle Watch
Cestrum parqui * willow jessamine Watch
Chasmanthe floribunda * African cornflag Watch
Cordyline australis New Zealand cabbage tree; cabbage tree; Ti Kouka; giant dracaena [dracena]; dracaena palm Limited
Cortaderia jubata jubatagrass; pampasgrass; pink pampasgrass High
Cortaderia selloana pampasgrass; white pampasgrass High
Cotoneaster franchetii orange cotoneaster; cotoneaster; Francheti cotoneaster Moderate
Cotoneaster lacteus milkflower cotoneaster; Parney's cotoneaster Moderate
Cotoneaster pannosus silverleaf cotoneaster; velvet cotoneaster Moderate
Cotula coronopifolia common brassbuttons Limited
Crataegus monogyna English hawthorn; common hawthorn; oneseed hawthorn; May tree; singleseed hawthorn; azzarola; neapolitan medlar; oneseed hawthorn; whitethorn; Limited
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora montbretia Limited
Cynara cardunculus artichoke thistle; cardoon; wild artichoke Moderate
Cynodon dactylon Bermuda grass; couch grass; devil grass; wire grass; vine grass Moderate
Cynoglossum officinale common houndstongue; beggar's-lice; dog bur; dog's tongue; glovewort; gypsyflower; sheelice; sticktight; woolmat Moderate
Cytisus scoparius Scotch broom; English broom; common broom High
Cytisus striatus Portugese broom; hairy-fruited broom Moderate
Dactylis glomerata orchard grass Limited
Datura inoxia * pricklyburr Watch
Delairea odorata Cape-ivy; German ivy; Italian ivy; ivy groundsel; parlor ivy; water ivy High
Digitalis purpurea foxglove Limited
Dipogon lignosus * okie bean Watch
Dipsacus fullonum common teasel; wild teasel; card thistle Moderate
Echium candicans pride-of-Madeira Limited
Egeria densa Brazilian egeria; egeria High
Eichhornia crassipes water hyacinth High
Elaeagnus angustifolia Russian olive; oleaster Moderate
Erica lusitanica Spanish heath; Portuguese heath; urze Limited
Erodium cicutarium redstem filaree; redstem stork's bill; filaree Limited
Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum; river red gum; Red River gum Limited
Eucalyptus cladocalyx * sugargum Watch
Eucalyptus globulus blue gum; Tasmanian blue gum; blue gum eucalyptus; common eucalyptus; Southern blue gum; Victorian blue gum Limited
Euphorbia lathyris * caper spurge Watch
Euphorbia oblongata eggleaf spurge; oblong spurge Limited
Fallopia ×bohemica * Bohemian knotweed (X Japanese and Giant) Watch
Festuca arundinacea reed fescue; alta fescue; coarse fescue; rescue; reed fescue; tall fescue; Kentucky fescue Moderate
Ficus carica edible fig Moderate
Foeniculum vulgare fennel; sweet fennel; sweet anise Moderate
Gazania linearis gazania; treasure flower ModerateX
Genista monspessulana French broom; soft broom; canary broom; Montepellier broom High
Geranium lucidum * shining geranium Watch
Grevillea robusta * silkoak Watch
Gunnera tinctoria * Chilean gunnera Watch
Gypsophila paniculata * baby's breath Watch
Hedera canariensis Algerian ivy High
Hedera helix English ivy High
Helianthus tuberosus * Jerusalem artichoke Watch
Helichrysum petiolare licorice plant Limited
Hirschfeldia incana short-pod mustard; Mediterranean mustard; summer mustard; Greek mustard Moderate
Holcus lanatus common velvet grass; Yorkshire fog Moderate
Hypericum androsaemum * sweet-amber Watch
Hypericum canariense Canary Island St. Johnswort; Grenadillo ModerateX
Hypericum perforatum St. John's wort; klamathweed; tipton weed; goatweed Limited
Ilex aquifolium English holly Limited
Ipomoea indica * blue morningglory Watch
Iris pseudacorus yellowflag iris; pale yellow iris Limited
Isatis tinctoria dyer's woad Moderate
Kniphofia uvaria * redhot poker Watch
Kochia scoparia kochia; belvedere; belvedere-cypress; fireball; fireweed; Mexican burningbush; mock cypress Limited
Lantana camara * lantana Watch
Leptospermum laevigatum * Australian tea tree Watch
Leucanthemum vulgare ox-eye daisy; dog daisy; margriet; marguerite daisy; moon daisy; white daisy; yellow daisy; Moderate
Linaria vulgaris yellow toadflax; butter and eggs; common linaria; common toadflax; wild snapdragon Moderate
Lobularia maritima sweet alyssum; sweet alison; seaside alyssum; seaside lobularia Limited
Ludwigia hexapetala creeping waterprimrose; Uruguay waterprimrose High
Ludwigia peploides floating water primrose; California waterprimrose High
Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife High
Malephora crocea * coppery mesembryanthemum Watch
Marrubium vulgare horehound; white horehound Limited
Maytenus boaria * mayten Watch
Mentha pulegium pennyroyal; European pennyroyal; grows-in-a-ditch Moderate
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum crystalline iceplant; common iceplant ModerateX
Myoporum laetum ngaio tree; false sandalwood; mousehole tree Moderate
Myosotis latifolia common forget-me-not; wood forget-me-not; broadleaf forget-me-not Limited
Myriophyllum aquaticum parrotfeather; Brazilian watermilfoil; parrotfeather watermilfoil; thread-of-life; High
Nicotiana glauca tree tobacco Moderate
Olea europaea olive Limited
Onopordum acanthium Scotch thistle; cotton thistle; woolly thistle; winged thistle; jackass thistle; heraldic thistle High
Paspalum vaginatum * seashore paspalum Watch
Peganum harmala * African-rue Watch
Pennisetum setaceum crimson fountain grass; purple fountain grass; tender fountain grass Moderate
Pennisetum villosum * feathertop Watch
Persicaria wallichii * Himalayan knotweed Watch
Phalaris aquatica harding grass; bulbous canarygrass; phalaris; toowoomba grass Moderate
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm Limited
Phytolacca americana common pokeweed; American cancer; American pokeweed; cancer jalap; coakum; garget; inkberry; pigeonberry; poke; poke sallet; pokeberry; pokeweed; red-ink plant; redweed; scoke; Virgina poke Limited
Pittosporum undulatum * Victorian box Watch
Plantago lanceolata English plantain; buckhorn plantain; buck plantain; black-jacks; narrowleaf plantain; lanceleaf plantain; ribbed plantain; ribgrass; ribwort Limited
Plecostachys serpyllifolia * petite-licorice Watch
Poa pratensis Kentucky bluegrass; smooth meadowgrass Limited
Prunus cerasifera cherry plum; Myrobalan plum; Pissard plum; purpleleaf plum Limited
Pyracantha angustifolia narrowleaf firethorn; slender firethorn; woolly firethorn Limited
Pyrus calleryana * Callery pear Watch
Ranunculus repens creeping buttercup Limited
Rhamnus alaternus * Italian buckthorn Watch
Ricinus communis castor bean Limited
Robinia pseudoacacia black locust Limited
Rubus armeniacus Himalayan blackberry High
Rumex acetosella sheep sorrel Moderate
Saccharum ravennae ravennagrass; hardy pampas grass; plume grass; canna di Ravenna ModerateX
Salvia aethiopis Mediterranean sage; African sage Limited
Saponaria officinalis bouncing-bet; bouncing betty; soapwort; goodbye summer Limited
Scabiosa atropurpurea * pincushion flower Watch
Schinus molle Peruvian pepper tree; California pepper tree Limited
Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian pepper tree; Christmas-berry tree; Christmasberry; Florida holly ModerateX
Sesbania punicea scarlet wisteria; red sesbania; rattlebox; Chinese wisteria High
Silybum marianum milk thistle; variegated thistle; blessed milk thistle; Virgin Mary's thistle; Lady's milk; Holy thistle; spotted thistle; cabbage thistle; spotted thistle; St. Mary's thistle; white thistle Limited
Solanum aviculare * New Zealand nightshade Watch
Spartium junceum Spanish broom High
Stipa tenuissima * Mexican feathergrass Watch
Tamarix aphylla athel; athel pine; tamarisk; evergreen saltcedar Limited
Tamarix parviflora smallflower tamarisk High
Tamarix ramosissima Chinese tamarisk; fivestamen tamarisk High
Tanacetum vulgare common tansy; golden buttons; garden tansy Moderate
Triadica sebifera Chinese tallow tree; popcorn tree; chicken tree; Florida aspen; Vegetable tallow; white wax berry ModerateX
Verbascum thapsus woolly mullein; common mullein; lungwort; feltwort; torches; Jacob's staff; velvetplant; old man's flannel; miner's candle Limited
Verbena bonariensis * tall vervain Watch
Vinca major periwinkle; bigleaf periwinkle; greater periwinkle; blue periwinkle; myrtle Moderate
Washingtonia robusta Mexican fan palm; Washington palm; skyduster; thread palm ModerateX
Watsonia meriana bulbil watsonia; watsonia Limited
Zantedeschia aethiopica calla lily; arum lily Limited