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Don't Plant a Pest

Ornamental grasses of the Bay Area region

Invasive plants are listed in red boxes. Alternatives are listed below in green.
Invasive plants that are also a fire hazard are identified by this symbol: 

Invasive! Do Not Plant! Invasive!

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jubatagrass or pampasgrass
Cortaderia jubata or Cortaderia selloana
Wind can carry the tiny seeds of these plants up to 20 miles. The massive size of each pampas grass plant with its accumulated litter reduces wildlife habitat, limits recreational opportunities in conservation areas, and creates a fire hazard.
Key to plant care
Try these plants instead

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San Diego sedge
Carex spissa
full sunpart sunlow water
This large sedge has a form similar to that of an ornamental grass. Produces gray leaves to five feet tall and yellow, grass-like flowers in the spring. Deer resistant.

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Lindheimer's muhly grass
Muhlenbergia lindheimeri
full sunpart sunmedium waterlow waterdrought
This large, dependable, and showy ornamental grass has blue-gray foliage and flowering spikes in the fall and winter. Good in poor soils, it grows up to five feet tall. Works well as a specimen plant or massed into an attractive border.

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Cape thatching reed
Chondropetalum tectorum
full sunpart sunhigh water
This decorative, "grass-like" plant produces attractive flowers that are ideal in cut flower arrangements. Grows three to four feet tall.

Bigelow's bear grass
Nolina bigelovii
full sunlow waterdrought
This agave can be mistaken for a large bunchgrass. Grows up to six feet tall, producing large, striking, white flowers in summer.