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Lolium multiflorum (Italian ryegrass)

Lolium multiflorum
Lolium multiflorum
Photo courtesy Joseph DiTomaso

Lolium multiflorum (Italian ryegrass) is an annual or biennial grass (family Poaceae) found throughout California except in the Great Basin and deserts. Italian ryegrass prefers areas with fertile, well-drained soils, including roadsides, fields, orchards and vineyards. It readily hybridizes with perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), and hybrids may exhibit a range of characteristics from both species. Italian ryegrass is commonly cultivated for erosion control, pasture forage, and turf, but has escaped cultivation in many areas. Italian ryegrass is currently very widespread.

Jepson Manual, 2nd Edition: Festuca perennis

Cal-IPC Inventory rating: Moderate

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