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Invasive Plants

Definitions and Impacts

Leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) invades California and many other western states
Leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) invades California and many other western states
Photo courtesy Bob Case
This section includes:
  • Definitions - Definitions of invasive plant terminology
  • Impacts - Descriptions of the impact of invasive plants

Invasive Plant Inventory

This section includes:
  • Inventory Background and Overview - Includes definitions, criteria, uses, summary, references and more
  • The Interactive Inventory Database - Allows you to sort invasive plants by name, rating, alert status, or scores in particular sections You can also arrange plants based on geographic distribution and see the full Plant Assessment Form for each plant.


Removing pampasgrass in Santa Barbara County
Removing pampasgrass (Cortaderia selloana) in Santa Barbara County
Photo courtesy David Chang


This section includes:
  • Research Assessment - A group working to create an outline of known information and research gaps.
  • Biological Controls - Also know as biocontrol agents, these are insects or pathogens imported from an invasive plant's home range in order to control the plant in its invasive range.
  • Saharan mustard - Background information and presentations on control strategies for Saharan mustard (Brassica tournefortii).


This section includes:
  • CalWeedMapper - Maps of more than 200 invasive plants, combining data from GIS and expert knowledge. Also has suitable range maps based on climate change projections and reports that can be downloaded with summary statistics.
  • Arundo Mapping - Cal-IPC has created high-resolution maps of Arundo donax distribution in southern California coastal watersheds.