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Welcome to the Bay Area Early Detection Network

The Bay Area Early Detection Network (BAEDN) is a collaborative partnership of regional land managers, invasive species experts, and concerned citizens. BAEDN coordinates Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) to infestations of invasive plants, proactively dealing with new outbreaks before they can grow into large and costly environmental threats. This “stitch-in-time” approach prevents the environmental and economic damage caused by these invaders; educates citizens regarding natural resource stewardship; and dramatically reduces the need for the planning and resources required to control large, established invasive plant populations. Please visit our about page to learn more about our scope, goals, and program.

Please join us in this effort! The level of involvement is up to you; you can spend five minutes reporting a single detection, or get involved in leading a local rapid response node. Your help can really make a difference!

Here are a few steps you can take to help BAEDN be successful. 

  1. Use the occurrence reporting tool to report a detection. 
  2. Sign onto the email list for news and information.
  3. Share your weed data to the regional database.
  4. Get the word out about BAEDN to other potential partners. 
  5. Tell us about weeds you are seeing as emerging problems.
  6. Attend one of ou volunteer trainings (dates to be sent out to the listserve) and posted to our Facebook page.
  7. Participate in one of our active working groups. Click here for more information.  

Click here for more information about the 2010 Annual Partners Meeting on March 4th.


invasive grasses

Nassella tenuissima (Finestem Needlegrass)
photo © Dan Gluesenkamp


Bay Area Early Detection Network
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